You know your data is your biggest asset, and you know taking control of that data can give you a competitive edge in this brave new world. We can take a look at your existing data, help you make sense of it, set up systems to collect new data, or put together a team or plan.



You have a team of data analysts or a group of engineers, and you need a best-of-class data scientist to augment your current team.

We are experts in machine learning, deep learning, and predictive modeling, and we're available for hire. 

Training & Education


Help your engineers look at your data with a new perspective. Bring Catalit in-house to supercharge your engineers with Machine Learning skills or send them off for a 2-day intensive workshop where they can learn the most recent strategies and technologies with industry peers.

Searching for value in your data?

Let us help you. 


Catalit also runs Data Weekends, 2-day intensives for engineers. Please see the Data Weekends portion of this site for upcoming dates.